For more than 65 years by now, Berlee College has been attracting students from all over the world. It is internationally recognized as one of the best places to study for creative youth, and it’s innovative educational programs help students to be not only the best in their field, but also to discover themselves better and find the most suitable and prospective ways of using their creative potential.

Nowadays, as Berklee College of Music has merged with Boston Conservatory, new grounds and opportunities for future development have to be discovered. One of important steps will be foundation of Berklee College in Hanoi, that will become a part of Berklee International Network (BIN).

Our school, International College of Arts in Hanoi, can be compared to famous Berklee College of Music, but with several differences: here, along with musical education, we also provide drama, dance and design studies.


International College of Arts in Hanoi is supported both by Berklee College of Music(United States), and Seoul Pops Orchestra (South Korea). Seoul Pops Orchestra was found in 1988 by famous Korean conductor, Mr.Ha Sung Ho, graduate of Berklee College of music, and since that time is considered to be one of the most well-known orchestras in Korea.

Seoul Pops Orchestra and Mr. Ha Sung Ho are looking forward to create international cooperation USA-Korea-Vietnam, that will give young Vietnamese musicians more possibilities to study, work and become well-known abroad. It will also create good basis for cultural exchange between three countries.


Educational program of International College in Hanoi includes 8 semesters. Each is a tri-semester(take 3 semester to complete). For the last 2 semesters, students of our college will take a trip to USA, to complete their studying in Berklee College of Music, where they finally get their degrees and diplomas. Our college will provide them with bachelor degree diplomas, so they could continue their studying in Berklee Conservatory of Boston or anywhere else they find it suitable for them. All of our tutors are invited from USA and highly qualified.


Foundation of Berklee College in Hanoi is supposed to bring “fresh air” to cultural life of Vietnam. Young musicians, as it was already mentioned, will meet a perfect opportunity to enrich their global experience, find new ways of expressing themselves, and, finally, become well-known artists not only in Vietnam, but also world wide. Cultural exchange, experiencing different traditions, and taking part in mutiple activities with people from other countries always mean co-operation, that will later lead to development of cultrure and other sections of country’s life.