Afterschool Academy

Are you looking for a decent place for your kids to work on their talent? Or, maybe, you want to improve your own skills in music, dance or drama? Our Saturday Afterschool Academy will provide you and your youngs ones with everything you need to reach high level in any arts you want to master. We have highly qualified and experienced tutors, with great attitude, always ready to support any of your or your children’s ideas. Our beautiful environment creates comfortable and mind-relaxing atmosphere, perfect for any artistic activity. Welcome to our Afterschool Academy and feel yourself at home!


The main purpose of founding Afterschool Academy is to help children and adults to develop their skills in any of these three fields: Music, Dance and Drama. We five our students a perfect opportunity to work on their potential, improve their artistic skills, and find their inspiration and individual way of expressing themselves. You can always choose whatever is best for you or your child.


Our teaching programs are designed both for adults and children, even the very young ones (5 years old). If your child shows talent in any of these three fields (Music, Dance or Drama), we will do our best to help him or her to become a “young genius” or a “young star”. or, if you’re looking for an opportunity to develop your own skills, we will provide you with everything you need to learn about anything you want to know. So, take your chance and come to our Academy, and we will give you our best teaching programs and attitude!

  • MUSIC: Vocal, Piano, Saxophone, Trumpet, Drum
  • DANCE: Jazz dance, K-pop dance
  • DRAMA: Theatre Beginning