The Fashion Lab

At ICA we offer a variety of short courses into fashion design. You can join each specialist subject that can lead to entry into our full time course or you can create your own timetable that suits your lifestyle.

All our Lectures are UK trained & fully qualified in an array of specialist subjects.

Our short courses & 1st year full time students will have an introduction to determine the learning level required. Thereafter students can develop their knowledge, skills, understanding and confidence required to work independently.

Full time Students (2 year) will learn to further develop their design and illustration skills and have the opportunity to explore and specialise in a fashion area of their choice in their final major project and portfolio of work for university or employment.
Projects often link to live briefs and competitions. Students will also go on visits to galleries and exhibitions locally and nationally.

Students will experience a broad range of fashion elements that explore specialist areas. Such as:

*End of year runway show – Full time


Our shorts courses are:


How is short course work assessed?

All students who fully complete the short course(s) will be awarded with a certificate of achievement.


Our Full-time course are:


How is full-time work assessed?

Assessment is continuous and will consist of Sketchbook of research & development, portfolio boards, presentations and creative projects. Fully recognised certificate will be awarded after the whole course has been completed, including graduation ceremony.


What are the entry requirements for the full time course?

You will need: English IETLS 5.5 and Maths at Grade 9-4. A portfolio of Art & Design work demonstrating an interest in Fashion. a reference is required.